Even though Microsoft’s edge has been very much improved with the Anniversary Update, a large majority of users, some 40 million, are still moving away from Microsoft’s choices to something else completely.

Microsoft Browsers

331 million movedĀ from Microsoft browsers last year alone

The trend that was started this year, despite the release of a much more robust browser by Microsoft, has continued upward. Net Applications says that the combined modern Microsoft browsers only have around 28.4% of the market for last month, October. Compared to the previous month it’s a whopping 2.3% decrease in users. Not surprisingly, Chrome has 55% of the browser market and Firefox has claimed 11.1% of users interest.

Net Applications notes that this is the second largest percentage decrease for Microsoft though the reasons are mostly unclear. Edge is a fast, efficient browser and the integration of extensions only furthers its usefulness. It may be that old prejudices still hold sway, with people flocking to Chrome and Firefox for their faster development time and more targeted advertising. It could also be that it’s new and not entirely understood are really that familiar. On the surface it’s visually different, which may be a bit off-putting to some, leading to the use of Chrome or Firefox, whose interfaces have remained largely the same for some time. Regardless, Edge is losing it’s… Edge. But perhaps future updates will help spur adoption.