IEM’s, or in-ear-monitors are the epitome of personal listening. A proper fitting pair can provide a great seal against the outside world. You can be alone with your music, your game or even your thoughts. But not all IEM’s are the same and not all actually sound good either. It’s a misconception that they can’t offer a full, robust sound. You just have to be diligent when looking for your perfect and most private of symphonic experiences. 64Audio has a wealth of selections, and we’re taking the universal fitting U4 IEMs for a spin.

The 64 Audio U4 can help you escape the world

As it turns out, IEM’s are also apparently bad for your hearing. Per some tasty research, somewhat independent though it does make logical sense, closing your ear canal off and sealing it from air can cause your eardrum to vibrate unnaturally. That can potentially damage your ears, and hearing, if you listen too long and too loud. This isn’t the usual warnings about us blasted kids ruining our hearing from listening to that devil music too loud, but a new warning. So, the kind folks at 64Audio have developed a solution known as Apex. This is a micro-valve that essentially relieves that air pressure problem, allowing air to escape but not enter. This retains the sound cancelling effect but keeps your ears from overloading and exploding. Or from stressing it too much and causing irreversible damage, which can happen. It’s odd, but using these compared to other IEM’s can save your hearing. If you don’t listen at insane levels.