AMD brings us another live press event called “Capsaicin”. During this event AMD will showcase their new upcoming graphics solutions and technologies. This event will be targeted at content creators and virutal reality.

Capsaicin SIGGRAPH 2016 is focused on content creation

Today AMD announced another “Capsaicin” live press event in their press release. This live event will take place during SIGGRAPH 2016 on July 25th 6:30 PM PDT. This time it will be focused on content creators and professional applications. As usual Radeon Technologies Group’s Senior Vice President and Chief Architect Raja Koduri will host this event himself. AMD states that they will be showing new content creation solutions, new technologies, tools along with new industry collaborations and technology demonstrations for virtual reality.

Amongst these new solution we are expecting AMD to show their Polaris powered Firepro lineup made for professional workloads and applications. There are also floating rumors about a possible dual-chip Polaris enabled graphics card being on the way so we might get some official info about this at the event. Supposedly this will use a different sort of fabric so that both GPUs, and VRAM, are seen as one large GPU. However those rumors have not been confirmed, so take them with a grain of salt.

This webcast of this event will be accessible from AMD’s own YouTube channel and you will be also able to rewatch the webcast within a few hours after the live event.