AMD FX-6350 Benchmarks

Cinebench FX 6350

As you are able to see, the single thread performance on all the AMD CPU’s is basically the same, but the Multithreaded benchmark shows that those 2 extra cores really make a difference, with a score difference of around 50.

FX 6350

Google Octane showed lower scores on both the FX processors, the X4 CPU’s got higher scores.

FX 6350

The same goes for Mozilla Kraken, but the score differences aren’t that significant. Regardless, it’s still fast enough for most use cases.

FX 6350 FX 6350

For the transcoding of media, the extra cores make a fairly large impact when compared to the CPU without those. More cores means more work can be done simultaneously. Still, Excavator in the X4 845 is a strong contender here. Nonetheless, six cores are better than four in this situation.

FX 6350

Thanks to the amazing Wraith cooler, the FX-6350 stays really cool, on a 57C while being fully loaded. The new cooler is a massive upgrade over anything they had in the past. It’s incredibly quiet!

What can we conclude?

Overall I think that it wasn’t a bad idea of AMD to improve their existing CPU’s. Their stock cooling solution is amazing, and the prices aren’t that expensive. If you’re on a budget, but want to do a few things at the same time every once in a while, I would really recommend the FX-6350 to you. It’s cheap, cool, and it has great performance for it’s price. It may not be massively new, but for those looking for an increase in performance for their socket AM3+, than this is a great option for the price. It’s not the best, but then it doesn’t pretend to be either. It does what it says it does. And it’s oddly competitive even in gaming, which we’ll show you in a follow up article. Until then, just know that this is a great CPU for the value.

AMD FX-6350






Cooling & Noise





  • Great price - performance ratio
  • Great cooling solution
  • High clockspeed + lot of cores


  • Draws quite a bit of power