AMD has released a minor update to their Radeon Software Crimson Edition drivers, up to, to help address some performance issues that were found to be hiding in DOOM as a result of the slightly older associated OpenGL drivers.

Radeon Software

Performance enhancements in Radeon Software limited to the 390 and 390X

Though a small, not official, re-test has concluded that even Fiji-based cards see positive benefits, with improved performance by around 3-5%. The target was the newer Grenada XT and Grenada Pro cards with a cited 35% increase in performance in DOOM. Thus far we’re seeing around a  20-25% increase on our test system, which makes the 390X nearly as fast as the base Fury, though only for the moment until the Vulkan version of DOOM gets released. We’ll have a full retest of all the cards once that hits the streets.

The new driver can be downloaded right here for Windows 10, here for Windows 8.1 and here for Windows 7.