AMD just released their latest beta Crimson driver that brings it us up to version 16.6.1 with the full driver version at 16.20.1025. The new driver brings performance enhancements and improvements to four games while adding in a Crossfire profile and of course increasing stability in general.

Radeon Software Driver 16.6.1 Beta

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, DiRT Rally, Paragon and Dark Souls III all get suitably improved in driver 16.6.1

This release, though a beta, has a few bug fixes inside for those that experience display flickering while playing video in their browsers. They also fixed an issue where Crossfire wouldn’t quite work in Origin and Uplay as well as finally fixing the issue with flickering textures in Crossfire for Fallout 4.

They’ve added official support with performance enhancements for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, which is now available. Paragon and DiRT Rally have also seen some performance enhancements in this release. Finally, a Crossfire profile has been added for Dark Souls III meaning that you’ll be able to take it to a whole new level of performance, hopefully with greater than 50% scaling.

These drivers are available right here and are compatible with the HD 7 series and above, including mobile products.