Very quickly after they released the original ReLive edition of their Radeon Software drivers they’ve updated them to version 16.12.2. This fixes a number of issues that seemed to have cropped up since release. A wider audience sometimes means a much higher chance of problems. AMD is far quicker to respond than in the past.

ReLive 16.12.2

ReLive 16.12.2 has a huge list of fixes big and small

It seems that AMD goofed when the release this ReLive edition and Freesync wouldn’t quite cooperate while using borderless fullscreen. That has been remedied, of course. There was also a noticeable mouse cursor issue while using ReLive to record, where it would disappear. It was annoying at best and obnoxious at worst. Recording with ReLive also seemed to have an effect on multi-GPU configurations, where the second GPU would sometimes not even work. Not to mention there was some sort of interference with some WiFi adapters, causing overly large latency.

AMD, as they’ve shown recently, have been quick to find and fix issues that would otherwise be detrimental to your gaming experiences. They’re very receptive to any reported issues, which is very relieving.┬áIn fact, through driver tweaking alone we’ve seen some very good performance improvements of both current, and past GPUs. They may not have a specific card to compete with the highest-end, though Fiji, Hawaii and Polaris still remain highly competitive.

You can download the new driver from within Radeon Settings, or by going here, to AMD’s driver site.