Assorted Ryzen Benchmarks

We’ve seen that the Zen core is rather adept at some very popular compute tasks. Blender, Handbrake and more have been optimized and shown to be a good match for AMD’s new processor. The Ryzen 7 excels at encoding, rendering and ray tracing, but what about more mundane encryption and compression tasks? We further test using the built-in Postgre database benchmark (pgbench) to try to provide insight into how Naples may perform scaled down to a mere 16-threads.

At the bottom we’ve tested the 1800X on nine mostly modern games with four cores in a 2+2 configuration and a 4+0 configuration to show that the intra-CCX communication latency is negligible in real scenarios. There is a small penalty for communicating through main memory and to the other CCX, though in actual games and other programs, it’s not really felt.  For this we set our RAM at 3000MHz.

And further at the bottom we compare both the 1800X and the i7-6900K with a single RX 480 to see which is superior when paired with an AMD GPU.