AMD seems to be teasing us that they’ll be further teasing us about their new Zen processor this December. It looks like they’ll be having a live webinar in the middle of December to give us all a glimpse into the progress made so far. You’ll be able to sign-up for the webinar below, just click on the link.

AMD is looking to a New Horizon with Zen

This will be before the Q1 launch, as told in the tweet above, to garner interest and reassure us all just how performance of their newest CPU will actually be. There have been plenty of questions as to just how this CPU will actually perform and whether or not it will be anywhere near Skylake, let alone Kaby Lake performance.

Recent estimates based on leaked information seem to suggest a well rounded set of performance specifications that place it on par with a similarly specced Skylake CPU. But now Kaby Lake is just around the corner, so will Zen continue to be competitive? The real answer to that question, aside from nearly inaccurate speculation, will have to come once it’s actually released. From there we can fully evaluate the platform as a whole.