As it turns out, Apple has accidentally leaked their OLED activity bar that’s allegedly going to be featured above the keyboard on the new MacBook pros. The Magic Toolbar, as it’s called, is nearly what we thought it was. A thin bar that changes depending on the context of whatever you’re doing.

Apple Magic Toolnar

Magic Toolbar leaked, kinda looks good

It’s not necessarily a revolutionary piece of technology, gaming keyboards have consistently offered monitoring screens to show relevant information, but this could be a natural evolution of computing. A blending touch and tactile in the right proportions. The F-keys are by their very definition function keys, so this merely gives them a sprucing up that they deserve. And makes them useful in all situations, potentially. How useful it’ll be we’ll let you know when we get our hands on and test it out ourselves. It seems like a good idea, but is it properly implemented? Knowing Apple, it probably is. Despite criticism of Apple for any number of reasons, they do sometimes get ergonomics right.

Next to the OLED bar is a TouchID sensor, clearly outlined if you zoom in far enough. It seems that a few of the graphics for the OLED bar, too, have been found deep within the latest version, 10.12.1, of macOS Sierra.

Alright Apple, it looks pretty good sorta, but it’s your move. Show us how useful it really is.

Source: 9to5Mac