Building your own PC is almost a rite-of-passage, if not a fun-filled way to spend a few days as you painstakingly route cables and set things up so airflow is near perfect. ASUS has created a unique case, and platform, where you won’t have to worry about the more frustrating parts of building a PC with the ROG Avalon.

ROG Avalon

ROG Avalon could be the future, and looks startlingly easy to use

The whole system uses a modular, edge connector approach to plugging in various additional components that prevent the need for routing cables. Everything is setup for you to easily drop-in new components by simply snapping them in. The ROG Avalon wants to make things a bit more tightly integrated, easier yet still quite advanced. It would certainly open up custom PC building to more people as a result of the ease of use.

With their concept, something that may not necessarily come to market, the motherboard is not a traditional shape, but instead extends the various I/O, including the GPU slots, in directions that allow you to very easily connect those resources within the case it was designed in. Even the read I/O panel is modular and can be swapped out for those with dual-GbE, more USB ports and even a more competent sound module.

Apparantly, according to ASUS, the snap-in connections cost less than traditional wiring, are easier to manufacture and can solve a few manufacturing headaches as well. It doesn’t hurt that it looks pretty good, too. The ROG Avalon is a completely working concept, and unlike Razer’s Project Christine, it’s much closer to reality than a simple far off design dream.


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