Update – It seems that there was a slight miscommunication from SharkGaming. They’ve updated their Facebook page explaining that the OC edition of the GTX 1080 Strix is actually limited in stock, but very much still being made. They hadn’t received any shipments of said card in some time, and made that statement. They since apologized, and note that stock is still quite limited.

The OC edition of ASUS’ Strix family of graphics cards may have one less member, if an email from a supplier in Denmark is to be believed.

ASUS Strix OC problems

The ASUS Strix GTX 1080 OC has been the subject of many RMA’s thus far

An individual who bought an Asus Strix GTX 1080 OC card from SharkGaming has been told that they are no longer being manufactured and that his purchase will have to be refunded. The reasons seem to be centered around the fact that ASUS has been unable to maintain the clock-speeds that they originally designed it for. That said, the product has been the subject of too many RMAs and has thus been taken out of production entirely. There are still plans to have a non-OC model of the Strix available coming in the middle of July, however. And this should not have the same problems as the hotter, higher-clocked cousin. The email, from here, is posted below in Danish. The rough Google translation is below that.

ASUS Strix Problems

“We have been forced to cancel your order.

This is because ASUS has made an OC model of their cards (that you ordered ) The card was clocked too high which has already given them too high RMA rate . The card is therefore not in production anymore, but they make a non -OC model which should land in the middle July.”