Embeddable Technologies Dramatically Improve Far Field Voice Recognition in CE Products

LOS ANGELESAudyssey, the leading innovator in audio solutions for the consumer electronics market, today announced Audyssey eVR – a suite of audio technologies that enables far field voice recognition in CE products that rely on voice-based user interaction. Manufacturers that license eVR can achieve accurate and robust far field voice recognition in their products, thus delivering a more enjoyable customer experience.

Approximately six billion products with microphones and voice interaction will reach consumers by the year 2020. Input voice quality will be a key enabler of this new user experience. With the first wave of voice-controlled CE products now in consumers’ hands, it is increasingly clear that, while these products respond well when the user is within close proximity of the device, the user experience deteriorates rapidly when interacting with the device from greater distances.

“Far field performance has been the Achilles’ heel of voice recognition, and has up to now been a barrier to the proliferation of voice-controlled hardware in the IoT ecosystem,” said Chris Kyriakakis, Audyssey’s founder and CTO. “Audyssey eVR is the first complete far field solution that gives CE manufacturers an easy way to leapfrog their competitors by delivering unparalleled voice recognition performance.”

Leveraging the company’s 10+ years of research in room acoustics, sound reflections and reverberation, Audyssey researchers invested two additional years of R&D characterizing the problems of far field voice capture and developing new algorithms to capture and clean up voice signals so they match what the voice recognition engines in the cloud are expecting to hear. Voice-controlled devices must also be alerted to start listening to user commands. Audyssey developed a unique method to create customizable “hot words” that can be used to wake up devices even when they are playing loud music. Extensive benchmark testing reveals that Audyssey eVR improved word recognition by more than 50% compared to popular front-end capture devices, and barge-in performance was improved by more than 70%.

Audyssey eVR is an elegant, lightweight software solution this is easy for CE manufacturers to incorporate into their products and services. Engineers work directly with each manufacturer to optimize the microphone configuration based on the functional requirements of the product, and customize the hot word to meet the user experience requirements. This makes it possible for CE manufacturers to deliver the voice recognition performance customers expect in any room or listening environment.

Hardware manufacturers interested in licensing Audyssey eVR can request additional information by visiting http://www.audyssey.com/partnerships.

About Audyssey

Established in 2004 by a team of audio signal processing researchers from the University of Southern California, Audyssey is the industry leader in research-based technologies for voice and sound. Audyssey’s award-winning IP drives innovative solutions for far field voice recognition as well as consumer and professional audio. From home automation and mobile devices to home audio and infotainment, Audyssey enables today’s leading brands to deliver enhanced voice recognition and incredible sound. For more information, visit http://www.audyssey.com.