Battlefield 1 is an unsurprisingly optimized game. DICE has had a reputation for making Frostbite play well with a variety of GPUs, and that reputation continues here. Even the Fury X, lauded by pundits as being a failure of a GPU design, seems to do quite well here. Many driver revisions later and it’s almost capable of providing credence to AMDs capable 4K gaming overtures. The game looks good, a natural evolution of an already quite capable graphics engine and there are few issues. DirectX 12 isn’t quite the magical answer to performance that we may think, or want, but it does allow AMD to pull ahead on the charts in key ways. For Pascal it’s a toss up and down to preference and for Maxwell it’s discouraged to use it.

For 1080P at Ultra the recommendation from us is to have an AMD R9 380X or an NVIDIA GTX 970 and above in order to properly enjoy your experience.

For 1440P at Ultra settings, we recommend a GTX 970 or an AND RX 470 for the optimal experience.

For 2160P at Ultra settings it’s a bit less tricky now. An R9 Fury X and the GTX 1070 are capable of giving you a great gaming experience.

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