DT 1770 Pro Specifications

Tesla 2.0 is the star of the show here, something that’s designed to render sound that’s more true to life in a way that’s supposed to defy the the odds, and your expectations. What Beyerdynamic wants to do is give you a place to create your symphony with a life-like audio quality. You’ve got to be able to hear all the little nuances while editing and mixing to perfection. And it has been adopted and praised by audio engineers.

Test System

The Creative X7 isn’t exactly the most audiophile of amps, but it does have put out a respectable, clean amount of power and can control EQ very well. It’s also a “gaming” item and not necessarily a truly “audiophile” piece of hardware. So it’s something you may have heard of. It’s also what I have at the moment personally, and enjoy.

To test this we’ll need a wide variety of material to play through to really evaluate them. On the music front we’ll go for a few genres, classical, movie soundtracks, EDM and some other dynamic classics. On the gaming front we have a few good games as well. Not all games are created equal in terms of sound reproduction, so we’ll take a look at Star Wars: Battlefront, Elite: Dangerous and Star Citizen. All tracks used are FLAC played through foobar2000.