Yesterday we were treated by Bioware and EA announcing that they were going to announce something new, teasing us that they’d be titillating us with new information regarding Mass Effect: Andromeda. And they certainly did, with a new video with just as much information as no. Take a look below.

Take a look at what’s happening for your Andromeda mission

The video is an introduction, of sorts, to the mission that is to become the galaxies exploration of the Andromeda galaxy. Despite being able to travel at magnificently fast speeds, the 2.5 million light-years, or 780kpc trip will take 600 years. You’ll be in a state of cryosleep the entire time and as numerous science fiction adventures have taught us, nothing ever goes wrong while in stasis for long periods.

Naturally you’ll be playing the part of the Pathfinder on this mission to explore the Heleus Cluster of the Andromeda galaxy, and have a blend of skills best suited for missions far away from any kind of support. The mission, the Initiative as it’s termed, is likely to help

Jien Garson, the founder of the Andromeda Mission, introduces us to what this magical mission is likely to be. As she puts it, Andromeda recruits are preparing for 600 years of cryostasis aboard the Ark Hyperion, which is one of four such massive ships, each bearing members of a different species of sentients. Similar to our own potential human Mars mission, this is a one-way trip. When the Arks and another, even more massive ship called the Nexus reach the Heleus Cluster, each Ark has a designated Pathfinder who will spearhead the search for a new homeworld. It all sounds quite exciting, doesn’t it? Certainly a galaxy of potential awaits, almost literally, with the more open play style.

Luck for you, if you take the time to explore every aspect of the Andromeda Initiative welcome video and all of its supplemental information while you’re signed in to their Origin Account, you will progress towards an in-game award. This will be an exclusive special edition Pathfinder helmet that will presumably be redeemable in-game. Not a terrible trade-off for a few odd minutes taking a look at something. There will be six total videos of which to explore, this only being the first such.