Overwatch perhaps exceeded all expectations with the number of people participating in the beta exceeding 9 million players across all platforms. A lot was learned from the open beta, with a bit more development yet to ensue before it’s completely ready for primetime, though it’s nearly finished in the state it was in for the beta.


Overwatch cheaters better watch over their shoulders while playing

One of the most telling lessons learned was that there will always be cheaters rampart in Blizzards new game. Despite their commitment to keep cheaters out in even the beta, there were times when gameplay exploits were taken advantage of, and they don’t like it. Their plan is to permanently ban any players that are caught cheating, whether using hacks, bots or anything else that might give someone an unfair advantage in Overwatch.

Blizzard is encouraging people to report any instances of cheating by emailed hacks@blizzard.com or by using the in-game reporting method, where you can right click and select “report” on any given player. They aren’t taking any chances, because cheating might be fun only for one part, and can definitely ruin the game for anyone else involved. It’s also important to remember that sometimes people are just better than you, and that reporting everyone because you’re not that skilled isn’t always the answer. Blizzard is taking cheating very seriously, but they need the communities help to help keep cheaters out.