EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. –Amber Road, Inc. (NYSE:AMBR), a leading provider of Global Trade Management (GTM) solutions, today published the following statement on the British public vote in favor of “Brexit,” or exit from the European Union. Of the British electorate, 17.4 million (51.9%) cast their votes in favor of Brexit compared to 16.1 million (48.1%) in favor of continued membership. Turnout was higher than expected at 72.2%.


2-Year Process for Leaving the EU

As is currently foreseen, a new UK government will be in place no later than October 2016. The new Government will trigger Article 50 of the Treaty on the European Union as soon as possible by notifying the European Council of the UK’s intention to leave. This notification will set the timer on a two-year countdown within which the United Kingdom and the remaining EU Member States will negotiate a withdrawal agreement.

A final agreement will need to be ratified by EU leaders by way of a qualified majority vote, a majority of the European Parliament, and by the national parliaments of the EU-27. If no exit agreement can be reached between the UK and the EU-27, the EU Treaty foresees an automatic exit of the UK.

Hence, the UK will not officially exit the EU until at least two years from now.


For the first 2 years, until the UK officially exits the EU, it is expected that EU customs and trade laws will remain in place in the UK.

One of the areas that will have an impact after exit from the EU is Free Trade Agreements (FTA). When the UK exits the EU, it will cease to be party to the EU trade agreements and preferential programs and it will have to renegotiate separate and new trade agreements.

Other global trade areas that will be impacted are, amongst others, tariffs (HS classification) and duties, export control regulations, sanctions and embargo policies, antidumping considerations and customs procedures.

Amber Road will track any changes with regards to the UK’s exit process and resulting changes to the UK trade and customs laws and notify its customers accordingly.

Amber Road covers 147 countries of trade content and has a large staff of in-house trade specialists around the world updating these country-specific trade regulations on a daily basis. Over the next two years, Amber Road will be making internal adjustments to ensure that our trade compliance software and content aligns with these changes for our valued customers.

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