Apple has been known to be one of the strongest laptop manufacturers featuring their Mac laptop lineup. For many years they’ve dominated laptop market especially in US. However that might not be true for any longer thanks to Google’s yesterday‘s big milestone.

IDC confirms Chromebooks successfully outsold Mac

Yesterday International Data Corporation’s analyst Linn Huang had confirmed to The Verge based on IDC’s Q1 PC Shipments report that Google’s low-cost laptop initiative called „Chromebooks“ had successfully outsold Apple’s Mac laptop offerings for the first time ever in the US. Linn Huang told The Verge:

“Chrome OS overtook Mac OS in the US in terms of shipments for the first time in 1Q16,”

This milestone was driven mainly by extreme popularity of Chromebooks in US schools in U.S. K-12 but the company also wants to break into other markets such as business and consumers. Apple Unfortunately these sales apply to US only, however it is still big achievement considering US is a huge market.

Apple iPad school program failure helped Chromebook gain popularity

Apple tried to gain market share in schools with their iPad education program which was supposed to bring an iPad to every kid. This program turned into major failure due to lack of support on Apple’s side, untrained teachers, buggy software and students hacking into their devices. Not only that but iPad due to being mostly used as a gadget it was seen as “fun” device while Chromebook was seen as “work” device. These failures on Apple’s side helped Chromebook gain popularity among schools.