Build it Better

With Computex starting to get into full swing, we are seeing more products being announced by various manufacturers starting to make appearances.

Corsair opened with their ‘build it better’ party, showcasing new DDR 4 RAM modules, case fans, a hybrid cooled Nvidia GTX 1080 made in partnership with MSI and a slight change to the Carbide 400C.

First up, we have their new, shiny DRAM offerings; Corsair Vengeance LED and Corsair Dominator Platinum Special Edition. Both product lines see a nice visual refresh to the default Vengeance and  Dominator Platinum ranges, with LED lighting along the top edge of the new style heat spreader being added to the Vengeance LED. While the Dominator Platinum Special Edition gets a nice, change to its own heat spreader with blackout or brushed aluminium options.
The changes aren’t merely cosmetic in nature either. The Vengeance LEDS have been bumped with XMP 2.0 certification and will also feature select Samsung IC’s allowing them to hit speeds of 4,333Mhz and potentially faster. The Dominator Platinum Special Editions also get the addition of Samsung IC’s and should be capable of providing loads of headroom for those higher end overclocks on X99 and 1000 series boards.
Corsair RAM

Corsair fans have long since been a favorite of many builders over the years, with the SP and AF ranges being seen in many a rig, thanks to their clean looks and changeable coloured strips. 2016 sees a new range of fans being introduced, the Corsair ML Pro and ML Pro LED. These feature new looks and more importantly a new bearing configuration. The ML range of fans feature a Magnetic Levitation bearing, which should allow improved performance for a much lower noise level. In terms of looks, Corsair have seemingly removed its much loved coloured rings and instead now provide colour co-ordinated corners, the LED range also features frosted blades allowing the entire fan to glow when the LED is functioning.
Corsair Fans

Following on from their previous release of a hybrid cooled 980Ti, MSI and Corsair have partnered again to provide another hybrid solution, this time based on the 1080. The Hydro GFX Geforce GTX 1080 will feature a closed-loop corsair cooler and a PCB designed by MSI. This hybrid configuration should enable some decent overclocks on the GPU, while still keeping it running at reasonably low temperatures, hopefully mitigating the throttling issues that have been reported as these cards start to push higher temperatures.

Hybrid GPU

Last, but no means least is a slight change to an existing, award winning Corsair case. Their is little to say on the new Carbide 400C, since for the most part it remains the same case as when it was first released, however Corsair have now added a while finish, giving builders more colour options to suit their needs. As someone who has a fondness for monochromatic builds, I have to say this is looking to be a very tempting case to base a new system around.
Carbide 400C