Corsair is once again moving into a new area by having fully-assembled PC’s available for purchase. The new line is being called the Corsair ONE and includes a new custom case with which to fit the components of your dreams within.

Corsair ONE

Corsair ONE is a leap into a new direction

The case itself is not entirely out of place with their current design motif. It’s also not too ostentatiously styled, nor does it take on a ‘gaming’ appearance that can sometimes detract from the overall package. The Corsair ONE case appears to be capable of housing up to an mATX motherboard and seems too slim for a full ATX assembly. The case itself has a fins along the top and the bottom to presumably allow airflow to enter and exit the system and perhaps even be part of the cooling system itself, helping to absorb heat as the device that they’re reminiscent of. We can see from the HDMI port on the front that they’re aiming this to be a VR-ready machine in all senses, with easier access to plugging in your chosen HMD.

Corsair hasn’t quite shared with us any of the particulars of their new system, so we don’t know who they’ve partnered with for their motherboard or GPU supplier.┬áThis direction seems to be a concession to those that want to enter the PC gaming arena though perhaps do not want to deal with the ‘hassle’ of building their own PC. This gives a good point of entry with a brand that can control the quality of nearly all the components. It remains to be seen how many different options they’ll have, or if they’ll have a configurator so you can customize your own.