The Crew Wild Run is a DLC for the popular racing game the crew. I started off by playing the beta for the DLC as soon as that became available, and have been enjoying it ever since. I’ve never had the pleasure to play The Crew before this, so hopefully this comes off as a unique perspective on this arcade open-world racing game.

Wild Run

The Crew just became Wild (run)

The crew has an unprecedented amount of customization, and this continues in Wild Run. In the crew you can customize your car the way you want it, with specific tuners placed throughout the map that serve different needs, such as for rally, drifting etc. Some are good off road and some are good on the streets. With Wild Run there are coming three new specifications into the game. Which are Drag, Drift and Monster. I know what you are thinking now: Yes, there are freaking monster trucks, and they’re a blast to play.

They also brought motorcycles to the game, letting you go extremely fast, though they handle like they’re on rails. Just as with the cars, you can buy them at the appropriate dealer and modify them to your hearts content.

If you master these driving styles, then you can rank up in “The Summit” which is a tournament against all the other players in the game to see who’s the absolute best. If you do good at The Summit you will earn some expensive rewards.

You need to qualify for the Summit by gaining an access pass by winning Freedrive Stunt level 3 or by playing two Freedrive challenges. After you have the access pass you will play events within the qualifier to gain points and go up the ranks. Your chances of getting a good item from the qualifier are bigger if you have a higher rank.

Once you’ve gained a medal for three qualifiers, only then you will get invited to the monthly Summit. There you can do events so that you can climb up the ladder again, which isn’t actually much of a grind either. The only difference between the qualifier and the monthly Summit is that the rewards of the Summit are bigger and better.

Just what can you do at the Summit Qualifier? Tons of things! Well, only four events, but they end up being very compelling experiences, that add a lot of value to the base game.

Wild Run

Drift Event:

In this event you have a certain amount of time to get as much points as you can by drifting like a maniac. The longer the drift the higher of a multiplier you’ll get. Get a higher multiplier to get the highest score possible.

Drag Race Event:

Not the most exciting, but satisfying to win nonetheless. Warm up your tires to the perfect temperature and shift at the right times to get the best time and win this event. You only have three runs so make sure you try your best.

Monster Truck Arena:

This is probably the most fun, even if the controls aren’t exactly the most refined. You can o jumps, backflips and hit the various points to get the highest possible score within the time allotted. The best part is that this is also available in free roam too, so you can drive around like a boss in a monster truck.

The added value of Wild Run to The Crew is actually quite spectacular. The Crew is already a compelling game to play on its own, with a huge open world with plenty to explore and do. The story might not have been the most exciting, but it was a game that was at least worth the price of entry. The Summit makes it even more worth it because of the increased competition that it allows for. The Crew is finally living up to its open-world MMO-esque name with this DLC. It’s so much fun, and it doesn’t perform too badly either. Despite the massive amount of cars and other things happening on screen, it rarely slows down too much if you set-up the graphics correctly. On a 970 you can use high settings without much slow-down at 1080P.

The Crew: Wild Run









  • Fast paced
  • Lots to do
  • Music
  • Social gameplay


  • Runs slow at times