Wireless charging is nothing new or terribly exciting on it’s own, but Dell is bringing the first laptop to feature the technology to market. The Latitude 7285 2-in-1 will sport a type of magnetic resonance-based wireless charging to help you keep cables even more under control.

Dell Latitude 7285

Wireless charging is growing up with the Dell Latitude 7285

For some time we’ve seen only the smaller scale of what wireless charging can offer. Aside from massive-scale tests that have proven practical viability, only cell-phones have ever made use of wireless contact charging, recently. It makes sense now that magnetic resonance charging has matured to use it for another type of mobile product, one that can benefit. Imagine simply placing this on your desk, and it starting to charge. Wire themselves aren’t the devil, but having less of them to trip on in some environments isn’t a bad idea.

“Given that Dell tools help the world’s brightest minds do their absolute best work, we are committed to driving innovation that brings revolutionary gains in productivity to the enterprise. Innovative IT teams see a future with no wires, including wireless power, as a key step toward improvements in mobility and convenience,” said Neil Hand, VP Product Strategy and Innovation, Dell. “WiTricity’s wireless charging technology makes it possible to integrate magnetic resonance in today’s thin, iconic computing products.”