It’s annoying enough when no one actually listens when you say to rush and that you’ll be the one throwing the flashbang, but when everyone behind you throws one into the fray as you enter B-site it just gets to be a bit much. But then sometimes something magical happens.


Counter-Strike Magical Flashbang

And somehow you survive the onslaught of blind fire and you live. Not only do you live, but somehow you managed to kill an enemy or two with your own frantic supressive fire. And you’ll be damned if you have to explain it to anyone. But hey, at least those flashbangs actually worked and confused the enemy too. How many times does that actually happen?

But don’t be ashamed if you’ve flashed, fragged or even burnt yourself. It happens. It’s an intimate part of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, even when you’re a little better than the bottom noobs. Can’t always throw everything straight all the time, right? Unless hax, cause everyone is hacking…