From May 6th until May 8th Dreamhack Austin was played. There were a total of two groups with eight teams competing for the ultimate win at the very first DreamHack to kick off in the US, a far cry from where the event began.


DreamHack Austin just had a great showing and a very tough competition

The teams that participated faced stiff competition in the first ever event, but of course only one The teams Participating were:

Group A Group B
Luminosity Gaming Tempo Storm
Cloud9 NRG eSports
Splyce Team Liquid
Counter Logic Gaming Selfless Gaming


The games started off on Friday the 6th of May with Luminosity playing against Splyce, where Luminosity took an expected easy victory over Splyce winning 16 rounds and losing 5. Tempo Storm vs NRG eSports was also played on Friday where Tempo Storm again won, 16-5, which wasn’t against the odds at all.

After the initial battles, the group stages continued on the 7th of May with the following match ups:

Group A (Team 1) Group A (Team 2) Result (map 1) Result (map 2) Result (map 3) Upper/Lower
Counter Logic Gaming Cloud9 1-16 X X Upper
Luminosity Gaming Cloud9 16-3 X X Upper
Splyce Counter Logic Gaming 16-19 10-16 X Lower
Cloud9 Counter Logic Gaming 19-16 12-16 16-11 Lower

Because of Luminosity’s two wins they actually got to move into the semifinals along with Cloud9, who advanced after winning the losers bracket. On the 7th only 3 out of 4 matches of group B were played, with the following match ups:

Group B (Team 1) Group B (Team 2) Result (map 1) Result (map 2) Result (map 3) Upper/Lower
Team Liquid Selfless Gaming 16-10 X X Upper
Tempo Storm Team Liquid 16-10 X X Upper
NRG eSports Selfless Gaming 16-19 16-11 8-16 Lower

After these results Tempo Storm was in the semifinals and Team Liquid and Selfless Gaming had to do a Best of 3 for the winner to claim their spot in the semifinals. All of the rest of the matches were played on the 8th of May.

Group B (Team 1) Group B (Team 2) Result (map 1) Result (map 2) Result (map 3)
Team Liquid Selfless Gaming 16-3 16-10 X


Team 1 Team 2 Result (map 1) Result (map 2) Result (map 3)
Tempo Storm Cloud9 13-16 19-16 16-11
Luminosity Gaming Team Liquid 16-6 16-14 X

The Grand Final:

Team 1 Team 2 Result (map 1) Result (map 2) Result (map 3)
Tempo Storm Luminosity Gaming 9-16 9-16 X

Overall there weren’t many upsets during the entire competition, though it was indeed quite fierce. The predictions regarding most of the matches were generally right on the money about most of the games.

Overall I think the outcome of the tournament wasn’t surprising at all. Luminosity is standing strong and took the win seemingly easily, not dropping a single map at all.