Dual Universe is another very ambitious project that wants to blend all aspects of futuristic life together to allow you to live that science-fiction dream. Like No Man’s Sky, Star Citizen and to some extend, Elite: Dangerous, you can play any part you want in the universe, paving the way and doing whatever you please. This is an MMO at heart, however, and you’ll be able to play in a persistent universe where your actions can affect the other side of the in-game universe.

New trailer shows off a truly ambitious Dual Universe

What’s more, the game is unique in that you can introduce LUA scripts for various different aspects of in-game automation. You can make your own ship AI to allow for a fully autonomous mining corporation, or a veritable pirate force with any number of different roles for each ship in your fleet. The lore is said to be very deep, and you can almost literally do and create almost literally anything with a voxel-building technology, that can handle more than just blocks, that they’re adding on top of the already quite capable Unigine game engine. This is perhaps one of only a handful of times that that engine has been used in earnest for the creation of an actual commercial game. And they want this to have a complete, living universe inside that you get to interact with. It’s very ambitious, and looks to be a technological marvel if they can pull it off.

Dual Universe