E3 2016 is right around the corner is expected to be slightly different then last year. Several big studios have opted to take their business completely off of the show floor itself and relocate to other venues that are more open than before, though at the same time as the larger spectacle. E3 itself, now, is going to have their own public event that anyone can go to.

E3 2015

E3 is becoming a much more open venue, especially with this development

It’s first come first serve, however, and you can sign-up right here. It’ll be free and will be a sort of smaller simulacrum of the larger event, with games and any number of different vendors setup to let you try their wares. Not only will you get hands-on time with various new games, but there should also be a few reveals at this event and some time to speak to the heads of the industry.

This is really a natural direction for these events to take. E3 especially is about games and gamers, ultimately, so in this case it doesn’t make sense to make it an exclusive event when the target audience could be largely neglected. EA, Wargaming, Activision and even Disney have all decided to focus more on the players and open up their own events to anyone who’d like to attend or stop by. This is a change for the better, an is certainly something that quite a few gamers are likely looking forward to.