Endless Space 2 has only just recently come out of its early access to be widely available as a complete game. Amplitude Studios has released their first update, and one that has quite a few different additions to it. Desirable additions, too.

Endless Space 2 becomes more Endless

As if there weren’t enough reasons to pick up the game as it is, they’ve decided to add even more. Endless Space 2 was virtually endless in the ways that you could approach your own gameplay. Within the framework given there was tremendous amounts of possibilities, but now there are even more.

The new update, named the Horatio update for the inclusion of the Horatio faction in the game, includes that new faction as well as three minor factions: the Gnashast, the Tikanan and the Eyder. They’ve also overhauled the technology tree based on feedback they’ve received from the community. Five new victory conditions have been added to give you even more options regarding your playstyle. You can now win by supremacy, conquest, science, economically or through the building of wonders. Also, to help you more, Amplitude Studios have added a new orbital scan view, and improved battle system and minor improvements to population and senate control.