What started as a small experiment to garner increased interest in the massive space MMO has become official. EVE Online has a free-to-play aspect that lets players delve fairly deeply into the game universe before committing any further.

EVE Online

Clone States let’s EVE Online grow it’s fading player base

There will be many differences in the free version of EVE Online, as there generally are with MMO’s that incorporate both aspects. Players are now placed into two different clone states, the Alpha and Omega. The Omega group are those that are paying for a subscription and can enjoy unlimited progression for your characters. Alpha represents what CCP is calling the new base state and restricts training and progression to certain specific skills and only allows you to fly commonly used ships. You’ll still be able to participate in the greater universe through the economy, though.

To commemorate the new free element that’s been added, CCP has included a new way for beginners to learn about the greater game. It’s a very complex game with a lot to offer, though it may be a bit off-putting to those new to the game. Inception is a new way to help ease the transition with voice-acted mentors and a UI that’s logical and easy to use. It’s sort of a new single-player experience that helps you learn the ropes before being thrown to the wolves.

EVE Online: Ascension isn’t just about adding that free element, they’ve also gone and released a larger sandbox gameplay element with new player created structures to help you gain a foothold in the massive, stimulating economy.

And they’re adding more than just that. Those features are listed below:

  • Making battles more dynamic and boosting ships more involved in fleets with the replacement of warfare links with Command Bursts
  • Challenging opportunities for players to disrupt the operations of NPC mining fleets in asteroid belts throughout the cluster
  • Deeper experimentation and optimization of ships and modules with a new Fitting Simulator
  • New ships: the versatile Society of Conscious Thought Sunesis destroyer and the nimble Porpoise industrial command ship from ORE
  • Exciting changes for the Rorqual industrial capital ship that include giant mining drones and the P.A.N.I.C. module which provides temporary invulnerability to mining fleets. Dozens of other ship, skill, module, drone, and balance changes for the mining profession complement the overhaul
  • A simpler, more manageable command over character development with a new character sheet
  • A balance pass on the deadly Tactical Destroyers with input from players and the Council of Stellar Management
  • The ability to warp the fabric of reality across a large area with Effect Generators for Titans
  • …And all new explosions and wrecks.