We didn’t overclock the EVGA GTX 1070 FTW, which makes me a little sad. It works at the clock speeds that they’ve already set and doesn’t overheat or come close to being a danger, though we wouldn’t dare push our luck and start a fire. Despite having a great fire department close by, I didn’t want to.

That said, as far as designs go EVGA has a good one. With extra cooling on those VRM’s they even have a great one. They’ve managed to eek quite a bit of extra clock speed out of it with very little affect on overall temperature or even on noise. The new cooler, and the LEDs are not as annoying as I’d first imagined. They aren’t precisely classy, but they manage to be pretty cool to look at. And they don’t cost extra here, as all ACX 3.0 coolers have them.

I’d say this is a good buy, a great one though at $429.99 you can find a better cooler that may last a bit better and keep it in better health. This cooler is one step forward and one step backwards, hurting the value. On it’s own it’s a solid card, though. Get one, then get your free VRM cooling pads and enjoy a very fast experience. And a silent one. The design is actually growing on me, and I sort of enjoy it.

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EVGA GTX 1070 FTW Review
The EVGA GTX 1070 FTW is a fast card, and it stays pretty cool and very quiet. It even has overclocking room to spare if you happen to dare. A very good choice in the landscape.
General Features87%
What's Right
  • Cooler Works Well
  • Fast Out of the Box
  • Near Silent
What's Wrong
  • VRM's Get Slightly Too Warm
88%Overall Score
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