Someone has scoured through the audio files of Fallout 4 and have found some very intriguing things that point either to something scrapped, or something coming in the future.


Fallout 4 could be hiding something great, maybe…

But really, having content still in the game files that isn’t associated to any actual gameplay isn’t anything new. Things change as the scope and ideas change in regards to the game. Some things are worked on for weeks and then abandoned due to a change in direction. Such is life, but there are some really cool things that could still be coming in the future.

The video above, from Kotaku, points towards some content in the Combat Zone where the player could have fought bare-handed for bottle-caps. What an interesting idea. But maybe such a mechanic will be added later on as part of a larger DLC. Either way, the video has some neat things, a glimpse of the development cycle really.