Star Wars has touched the lives of many million of people in just as many different ways. Some hate it, some absolutely love it and others have been truly inspired by it. And some have been inspired to create artistic homage’s that delight millions with their creativity.

Darth just can’t catch a break in The Far Dark Side Issue 2

So when Per Hedman announced that he was working on his second issue of his very hilarious Far Dark Side comic series, we just had to take a look. The first one was a magnificent, treasure-trove of subtle, clever humor. In fact, the author tweets examples of his brainchild quite often, and to a rather captivated audience, too. And not because it’s  train wreck, as the Internet so often tends to do. In the Far Dark Side there’s a certain appreciation for the subtle, ridiculous things in life. No one is immune from the drab goings on of life. Even a Sith Lord can stumble upon negative, harsh vibes that upset the day even more than sand on Tatooine.

Opening up the second ‘sode, or issue really, plants you firmly into the a similar jocularity as the first. Vader is struggling. Again. And this time he’s even running for office, promising to make the next Death Star great again. Just as with the first, and all of Per’s cartoons, there’s a certain whimsicalness being described. Each panel is filled with something corny that sometimes borders on dry. There’s not a panel inside that doesn’t elicit at least a smirk. And there are plenty of moments that play off the elements common in Star Wars, but with a small playful, sometimes offbeat, twist.

The Far Dark Side Issue 2

I find that I enjoy The Far Dark Side and issue 2 so much because it reminds me to sometimes let go and have a laugh at the small things in life. It’s healthy to stop what you’re doing and enjoy the simple and often weird things. It’s almost soothing in how Vader is presented. I’ve noticed that you go through stages when reading these. First you might look at it and react only slightly: “Huh?”, then if you let go the hard edge of life a bit and let it in (letting go is a large theme in Star Wars, too), it grows on you until a smirk appears and then a bit of a chuckle. So what if it’s weird that Darth Vader wants to put on Obi Wan’s robe that he just died in, right?

So yeah, this isn’t quite the sarcasm and meme-filled humor you might be used to floating about the Internet, but it’s more then that. And The Far Dark Side issue 2 is pretty damn fun to read. Per Hedman is a very creative person, and we hope that he collects more of his masterpieces for us to enjoy.