Contributed by Emily

We’ve been taking a quick look at the newest Fitbit Alta over the past few weeks as part of a longer term look into the viability and usefulness of fitness trackers in everyday life. So far we’ve got a few words to sum up what it’s like to use the little device.

Fitbit Alta

The Fitbit Alta is quite possibly one of the must haves for fitness devices

After spending a few weeks without a fitness tracker, the new Fitbit Alta brought back a pep to my step. It’s so easy to lose motivation to keep moving without a reward. It is so much easier knowing I’ll see those happy, green, smiling faces on a successful day. The Alta syncs much faster than my previous tracker and has some additional fancy features that I love. I personally need the reminder to move every hour, and a silent vibrating alarm does the job. I also like how effortlessly the Alta tracks and displays my active minutes. Elliptical? Treadmill? Biking? These are just a few of the activities the Alta auto recognizes and tracks as active minutes. This helps show me what days I’ve fallen down on hitting my target exercise quota, but also rewards me on the days I nailed it! I definitely am thankful to Fitbit for helping me achieve my 30+ pound weight loss over the past year, and I know Alta is going to help me maintain my healthy living goals!

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