The Forza franchise on the Xbox platforms has always been a showcase of the capabilities of the console they were on. The car models and weather effects have all been very well done and the performance target has always been the maximum standard resolution at 60FPS. Anything less in a racing game just lends to a bad experience. Generally, they’ve managed to do that. Let’s take a look

Forza 6 Apex

Is it possible that Forza 6 Apex is the epitome of PC ports?

This performance analysis is being done on a beta version of the game, so anything is subject to change, including the entire game itself, should Turn 10 Studios and Microsoft simply not be happy. Thus far the transition to DirectX 12 has been mostly successful, free from the majority of bugs that one might assume would appear from such an undertaking.

Below we took Forza 6 for quite the spin, almost literally, racing around Rio de Janeiro in clear skys to see just how well it performs. Being DirectX 12, only Action! is actually capable of recording framerates at this time, so that was used. The results are actually quite surprising, and speak to the expertise at Turn 10 Studios and Microsoft. It might have taken a few Windows Store game ports and an update to the UWP, but this game actually runs quite good.