Blue Isle Studios has a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming action-exploration game. Valley isn’t your normal adventure game, and lets you explore nearly anything. Is this perhaps a walking simulator on steroids perhaps?

Valley is like Skyrim but with a massive, powerful exosuit

Valley is an interesting new game and takes a different approach to the usual “walking-simulator” adventure genre. They add in a dose of action that might just make this more an RPG. That and you get a massive exosuit to help you take on any threats. Having that suit gives you a lot of interesting options for exploring the massive world. You just might find yourself dashing through forests, leaping between structures with what seems like an awesome way to get around.

In the game you’re on a mysterious and magical world, filled with secrets and danger. Through the powers of the L.E.A.F. Suit, a special exoskeleton that grants users incredible speed and agility, players will leap to great heights, explore secretive spaces, battle dangerous foes and even bring back the dead.

Valley is set to be released this summer for PC, PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Check out the great screenshots from the game below because they look mighty fine because whatever engine they’re using, they’ve honed in a great looking art style.

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