So, what of this motherboard. Just how does it stack up against the rest and do we recommend it? GIGABYTE has done well to equip the Z170X Designare with everything needed to be a good board. It has a tremendous amount of storage options for a consumer board, and is tastefully designed as well. It looks good, should physically last longer than you’re likely to actually use it and can be used by those looking for a custom loop.

GIGABYTE Z170X Designare

It’s not cheap, per-se, though it isn’t the most expensive option in the market either. What you pay for is precisely that server-class durability, given to you by having that armor they’ve strategically placed and having good capacitors and a quality trace laying and PCB making process in place. It’s well made. It’s fast. It’s reliable. What more could you ask for? Aside from a few more USB ports, it’s a great companion for your everyday rig. Unless you’re in need of more than three PCIe ports, the GIGABYTE Z170X Designare is nigh perfect. The BIOS is good, overclocking is easy and it’s an easy board to fall in love with. For that reason, we’re awarding it our Editor’s Choice award for the bevvy of features that it does let you have. While we haven’t tested it ourselves, we really really want to play with triple Intel 750’s. Like really. So there ya have it, a very well designed and well made board.

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GIGABYE Z170X Designare Review
A great motherboard, the Z170X Designare has a lot to like. Plenty of durable components, LED control and overclocking options galore. It's fast, stable and a lot of fun. It could use more USB ports, but that's a minor issue.
General Features92%
What's Right
  • Storage Options
  • Super Durable
  • Tasteful Lighting
What's Wrong
  • Noticeable Lack of USB on the Rear
95%Overall Score
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