There’s definitely been more of a market for smaller yet more powerful GPUs to fit in increasingly smaller areas. It used to be that only less powerful graphics cards fit the bill, until GIGABYTE (and ASUS) decided to start designing select mid-range NVIDIA cards to fit the bill, to compete almost exclusively with the AMD R9 Nano. GIGABYTE is showing off their newest iteration of the idea with the GeForce GTX 1070 ITX GPU. And this one doesn’t skimp on clock speeds either.


GIGABYTE announces the GTX 1070 ITX, for those times when bigger just doesn’t fit

The new card is taking advantage of the higher clock speeds that are achievable, with a very nice factory overclock of 1531 MHz core and 1721 MHz GPU Boost in Gaming mode, and 1556 MHz core and 1746 MHz GPU Boost in OC mode. All of that is powered through a single 8-pin PCIe power connector.

We already know that the GTX 1070 is a hot GPU, but GIGABYTE has equipped this card with a single 90mm fan with a rather dense aluminum fin heatsink that’s connected directly to the GPU with three copper heat pipes. Overall it should help to efficiently cool the GPU, much in the same way that the cooler on the Nano. It certainly opens up a range of new possibilities for having minuscule gaming machine.

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