Gigabyte themselves are no stranger to having a plethora of thin, gaming-focused laptops in their inventory. They have a wide range that run the gamut from tiny and inexpensive to the highest-end specs and 4K screens. Today they’re announcing the Aero 14 gaming laptop, a Skylake-H infused thin, stylish notebook that’s said to last 10-hours on a charge.

Gigabyte Aero 14

The Gigabyte Aero 14 takes another step towards understated style

The new laptops are heavy on good design, possibly taking some cues from Razer’s Blade products, including the more recently released Blade Stealth. Underneath the good looking fascia it’s equipped with some good specs. A Core i7 of the Skylake-H variety, likely starting at an i7-6700HQ, will be paired with either an NVIDIA GTX 965M or a GTX 970M that will drive a 1440P IPS monitor. It has support for dual-channel DDR4, up to 32GB, and for two M.2 drives in RAID. With mobile Pascal’s release imminent, it’s likely we’ll see the switch once they’ve tested and certified those GPUs in the new Aero 14 sometime in the future.

It’s very interesting to see that they’re taking design very seriously in their own-branded laptops. The aluminium chassis they’re using, standard on all laptops they’ve made in recent history, is a sturdy looking chassis and quite attractive with the carbon fiber accents. What’s more, they’ve decided to use a 94.24WHr lithium-ion polymer battery that should net you 10-hours of battery time.

The whole laptop is only 19.9mm thin and weighs 1.89kg, making it one of the most thin laptops in existence. They’re decision to use a 1440P screen is likely a good one in this case, allowing you to actually play games at their native resolution without having to sacrifice performance. The 970M is capable, but it isn’t quite up to playing at 2160P without some sacrifices. 1440P at 14″ still yields a very good pixel-density without having the power requirements of larger resolution screens.

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