Ubisoft is giving away a free trip to a remote location in France to check out some caves in a promotion for Far Cry Primal. And all you have to do is tweet at @FarCryGame with #caveBnB at the end of a message about your motivations for wanting to go spelunking.

Stay in a cave, well go explore a cave and stay in a lavish hotel for Far Cry Primal

The kicker is that you have to live in the UK, France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands or Spain and be 18 or over to enter. Despite being an obvious promotional stunt to gain media attention (ala this), it’s quite the vacation package regardless. And why wouldn’t you enter something for free, even if your chances of winning are minuscule.

This isn’t the most outrageous contest or giveaway in gaming history, however, with Square Enix having just given away an island to someone in the name of Just Cause 3.