GPUs are marvelous at completing paralyzed compute projects, being used to accelerate all kinds of great things. Google has added GPU compute options to their Cloud Compute Platform, letting you offload a significant workload to be performed in the cloud.

Google Cloud Compute

AMD’s FirePro S9300 X2 lends a helping hand too

It was the one piece missing, a truly powerful option to help take on mammoth compute tasks while not requiring you to have all that power on premises. Their chief competitors, Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure, have already offered a GPU cloud instances though Amazon only uses up to NVIDIA’s Tesla K80. Google offers differing GPUs based on your specific needs.

In addition to the AMD FirePro S9300, they’ll allow you to spin up NVIDIA’s just released Tesla P100 and the just updated Tesla K80s. This allows for a greater deal of flexibility.

Their GPU options will be flexible and not tied to any particular virtual machine instance tier. For example you’ll actually be be able to attach up to 8 GPU dies to any non-shared-core machine, whether you’re using one of the n1-highmem-8 instances with 3 TB of SSD storage or a custom 28 vCPU virtual machine with 180 GB of RAM. It’ll b available as an option for anyone and billed separately and per minute of use.