Today is N7 day, a pseudo-holiday created by Bioware and EA as a means of promoting their Mass Effect franchise. Initially it was a clever play on numbers, but now it’s become a new tradition to show off an announce new things for that franchise.

N7 Day


Today continues the N7 day tradition of new things

Bioware and EA seem to have something planned for us, some kind of reveal of sorts surrounding Mass Effect: Andromeda, which is set to release in March of 2017. They’ve announced an announcement that they’re definitely going to be announcing something today. And we’ll be sure to help announce the thing they’ll be announcing. Last year they showed off a rather well-made though very non-revealing trailer. This year we may get more of a glimpse into the mindset of our protagonist, or a at least a character introduction to a few of the faithful crew going with you on this long journey. Regardless of what they plan on showing us the day should still be rife with something enjoyable, even if it doesn’t fully satiate our desire for knowledge about the upcoming game. Stay tuned, and we’ll announce the announcement when it gets announced.