One of the more interesting ways in which io Interactive and Square Enix are going to keep interest in the newest Hitman is by adding in Elusive Targets to hunt while they laboriously prepare each massive episode for their monthly release. The next such target  is “The Congressman” and is coming on Friday, May 27th.

Hitman Elusive Target

The latest elusive target is but a mere Congressman, that can’t be hard right?

With the elusive target program they aren’t giving much information to players about the whereabouts or specifics on their target. You’ll be charged with finding him on your own, and it’s a huge map. These new targets are also only on the map for a limited time, so you’ll have to login and play while they’re there. Even worse, using instinct mode in the game won’t reveal them at all. You’ll have to do this the old fashioned way. And if you die? Then your chance is up. One failure, then the target is no more.

These and their escalation contracts are part of weekly content infusions that should add a bit of spice and variety in-between the monthly episodes that are released. Completing these do come with some exclusive rewards as well. Five completed Elusive Targets will unlock the Hitman: Absolution suit in game for players, ten will unlock the Hitman: Blood Money suit and additional completions will unlock even more suit variations.