No game is complete without it’s mobile companion app to help keep you updated. Some allow you to interact with the game in novel ways, even update your game load outs and more. HITMAN now has it’s own mobile app to help keep you in the loop.

HITMAN Companion App

HITMAN gets its own mobile companion app, because you definitely need it

The HITMAN companion app is now available to download for iOS and Android phones and will ensure that you can keep up-to-date with all the live HITMAN content while on the go. In addition to the episode releases, new content in the form of Elusive Targets, Escalation Contracts and Featured Contracts, have been released every week since the game launched in March 2016 – all details will be updated in the HITMAN companion app. With Elusive Targets, you’ll be able to use the app while playing to keep their latest target’s image visible as they hunt for their target in game.

If you just happen to be curious about the new companion app, you can take a look at the iOS version right here and the Android version here. It’s a bit sparse at the moment, and more of a blog than anything else, though it works rather well.

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