The development of the HoloLens is making a lot of good progress and we’re hearing that it’ll be both a wireless device, with no tangle of wires tethering you to your PC and that it’ll have some damn good battery life to boot. That is, for a first generation device of this kind.


HoloLens, batteries not sold separately

You can expect around 5.5 hours of battery life if you use it under normal, not so strenuous circumstances and around 2 hours if you use it for a little heavier lifting. That’s if you have more augmented stuff going on in the displays you’re displaying more colors that take more energy to use. And thankfully Microsoft is ensuring that any native Windows 10 application will be supported on the HoloLens upon launch.

Even better is how large and immersive the experience will be. According to Bruce Harris, a tech evangelist from Microsoft, it’ll be like standing two feet away from a 15-inch monitor. Even though it’s an augmented reality device, that’s a pretty good prospect. Hopefully the resolution is good enough to not take away from the experience, but even for a first generation device, it sounds fantastic.

The HoloLens is available to developers sometime this quarter for a just $3000. Who’s in?