Homeworld, and Homeworld II, were brilliant strategy games and continued to be exciting well after their prime. The remastered version revitalized a subset of RTS games that focused on weaving a compelling story into a very action-packed background. It was quite the space opera. A new update, a major one, is on the way that the studio has been working on for what may have been six months or more.

Homeworld: Remastered Update

Homeworld: Remastered’s massive update will further perfect an almost perfect game

The game was not without it’s drawbacks, however, and there were some issues that caused the AI to not quite follow the formations you set as elegantly as would have been liked. Your fleets AI ended up not being as intelligent as they could have been. This was arguably one of the largest gripes that players had, and is also allegedly going to be fixed in this update. Some ships with weapon that required line-of-site sometimes didn’t form-up correctly and can end up behind the rest of the fleet, which isn’t the smartest move at all.

Gearbox is also adding in true physics to the ballistic weapons. They’ve also added in a more realistic kind of behavior in that sometimes the weapon systems will misfire. If you happen to miss your intended target, those projectiles are still dangerous on the battlefield, and could end up hitting the rest of your fleet, or wayward enemies further along in their path.

Those are some of the major additions to the game though Gearbox is also going to fix as many critical bugs as they can along the way. All in all it’s going to be a very large patch that could end up making one of the most perfect RTS’ even more so. At this point there’s no hard release date to speak of, though that’s a good thing and means that we’ll get it when they’re absolutely sure that they’re done. If they’re reporting progress such as this, it’s safe to say that it’s now coming “soon”.