HTC Vive purchase credit

It would seem that HTC are taking steps to try to get their Vive VR headset and controls into more homes by allowing interest free finance over a 12 month period in North America.

In a statement made on the 27th of February in the opening days of this years GDC while showing off some of their new hardware a HTC representative said:

“For the first time, Vive is launching a financing program in North America. For $66 a month and no-interest financing for 12 months, users can purchase a Vive on with zero down. Additional new financing options are available at varying finance terms”

The announcement was made mere days before Oculus announced they will be slashing $100 each off their Rift and Touch, as well as $20 off additional Sensor units.

Which companies approach will prove to be the most successful remains to be seen, while the Vive will retain its near $800 price tag vs the Rifts $647 for an equivalent set up (headset, touch and extra sensor) The option to pay it off over a 12 month period, much as one might do a mobile phone on a contract should help lessen the wallet shock that such a large purchase can lead to, as well as making it easier for people who are happy to take on finance rather than just saving to buy the unit.

HTC also had some additional announcements to make regarding new hardware, or rather new accessories for the Vive.

Vive Deluxe Audio Strap

First up is the deluxe audio accessories strap, a device which adds similar functionality to the fold down headphones included with the Rift. The Deluxe Audio Strap should be available for ore-order in May for a price point of $99 with an anticipated delivery of June.

Vive "Deluxe" Audio Strap

Vive Tracker

We were also treated to some more information regarding the Vive Tracker. A device which will allow third party hardware vendors to create peripherals that are traceable in VR, via the Light Beacons that HTC use to track the Vive and its controllers. While no firm dates were provided for the Tracker to hit market its anticipated to be later this year to give third parties time to bring their hardware and any accompanying software to bear. Like the Deluxe Audio Strap, the Tracker is expected to retail at $99 when it does eventually launch.

Vive Tracker