Kaby Lake launches

Today, Intel is launching their latest iteration of mainstream/performance segment processors, code-named ‘Kaby Lake’ alongside the new 200-series chip-set motherboards. The new processors of the 7000-series feature an improved 14nm+ process resulting in increased clocks-speed at similar TDP levels to previous processors of the Skylake generation, but the underlying micro-architecture remains the same (aside from improvements to the on board GPU-core). Each of the new chips is equipped with Intel’s HD 630 graphics core and none feature any L4 eDRAM cache.


Kaby Lake

Die map of the quad-core Kaby Lake Processors

The Core i7-7700K: Clock speeds get a major lift

At the head of the launch, is the flagship Core i7-7700K; a quad-core with hyper-threading which demonstrates this process advantage by shipping with some impressive clock-speeds out of the box. At 4.2 GHz base and a staggering 4.5 GHz boost, this is Intel’s highest clocked processor ever- and it does all this within a TDP of 91W. In addition, Kaby Lake brings the supported DRAM speed up to DDR4-2400 from Skylake’s DDR4-2133.

List of Kaby Lake processors

Part Name Cores/Threads Clock speed (base/turbo) (GHz) L3 Cache TDP Price
i7-7700K 4/8 4.2/4.5 8MB 91W $305
i7-7700 4/8 3.6/4.2 8MB 65W $272
i7-7700T 4/8 2.9/3.8 8MB 35W $272
i5-7600K 4/4 3.8/4.2 6MB 91W $217
i5-7600 4/4 3.5/4.1 6MB 65W $199
i5-7600T 4/4 2.8/3.7 6MB 35W $199
i5-7500 4/4 3.4/3.8 6MB 65W $179
i5-7500T 4/4 2.7/3.3 6MB 35W $179
i5-7400 4/4 3.0/3.5 6MB 65W $170
i5-7400T 4/4 2.4/3.0 6MB 35W $170
i3-7350K 2/4 4.2 4MB 60W $157
i3-7320 2/4 4.1 4MB 51W $139
i3-7300 2/4 4.0 4MB 51W $129
i3-7300T 2/4 3.5 4MB 35W $129
i3-7100 2/4 3.9 3MB 51W $109
i3-7100T 2/4 3.4 3MB 35W $109



Kaby Lake
Kaby Lake also brings with it support for several new features, such as ‘Optane’ memory support and a revised version of the Speed Shift technology first introduced with Skylake. Speedshift V2 essentially improves on the original by allowing the processor to ramp up its frequency and voltage even quicker to respond to workloads than before, providing greater responsiveness. The processors will be available to purchase within the next few days.