Killer Instinct has a very loyal following of fans and players, even if it isn’t quite at the same level of devotion a those fans of its other mortal and street-wise competitors. Recently we’ve seen the free-to-play fighting game make an appearance on PC via the Windows Store and handily upgraded visually. It’s been over a month, and with the passage of time we hope that suitable improvements have been made to make it that much more playable, and that much more efficient.

Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct isn’t the poster-child for Windows Store games, but it suffices for now

We’ve waited to benchmark this game precisely because it’s a Windows Store game, and the console ports thus far haven’t quite been the paragon of PC gaming as Microsoft has likely wanted. Thus we waited, and with that passage of time we’ve hoped that it performed better. It’s also made benchmarking the game independently, and not using the internal tool, much easier. As you’ll see, the passage of time has indeed been good for this game. And it’s done wonders for the performance. It’s not only fun, but it just might be the best Windows Store game yet.

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