Sure, they sound a bit far away, muted and slightly penetrating at first, but a bit of proper messing around with EQ and pumping up the bass adds a lot of value. The problem is that you’ll need that proper amplification to make these shine at their best. Without it they aren’t a very attractive option, even at their ~$149.99 price point. That’s not necessarily inexpensive, where some headphones can be had for less that provide more body and soul than these do. They feel cheap and they sound cheaper. It seems that Kingston let us down with the Cloud Revolver considering they’ve made some very compelling headphones in the past with their well-received Cloud II headset. This time they throw around big provocative words and they just don’t measure up. They’re hard to recommend in a segment that’s populated by many different options, one of which comes from Kingston themselves. These seem like a swing and a miss.

These suck, and that doesn’t mean Kingston does. They have great products, this just isn’t one of them. I’m fairly confident that they’ll learn from these and release a better, more refined headset in this segment in the future. They have a great base, after all.

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Kingston HyperX Cloud Revolver Headphones Review
A mixed bag for sure with a terrible sound without help and only an alright sound quality with help. Poor build quality and a very small sound stage make them difficult to recommend to anyone.
Sound Quality60%
Sound Stage50%
Build Quality65%
What's Right
  • Microphone
  • Comfort
What's Wrong
  • Sound Quality
  • Sound Stage
  • Awful sound
65%Overall Score
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