System Benchmarks

The Y710 is a very good performer, which will only become much better once it’s updated to current generation processors.


The temperature in a small chassis is always a concern, but here they’ve used a fairly good head sink despite it seeming rather small. During Ashes of the Singularity we registered a maximum temperature of 69-degrees Celsius, not terrible given the rather uninspiring dimensions of the cooler itself. Should they invest in a more efficient cooling system, then this could be a magnificent machine.

Lenovo IdeaCenter Y710 Cube


Noise was somewhat of an issue, though not as noticeable as you might imagine from the cooler. To keep it cool the thing definitely had to work, though it wasn’t obnoxiously loud. That is, the sound profile was something better than the droning you might expect. We measured a maximum noise-level of 43-decibels whilst running through the Ashes of the Singularity benchmark. You won’t hear it, nor will it be obnoxious during normal operations. It’s only when stressed to the maximum that it becomes louder than you may like. We think a better cooler is definitely something that should be included in the next generation.


Lenovo has a very good product here, and the first generation is really a positive look at things to come. The Y710 Cube is pretty good looking, even if it is somewhat ostentatious, and the mix of parts makes for potentially great mini-gaming PC. The carbon fiber and soft touch finishes are very nice touches, as are the red mesh grills, which actually serve a functional purpose.

With 600W SFX PSUs available on the market, we’d love to see a Kaby Lake upgrade and even an AMD Ryzen build with a Titan X or GTX 1080 Ti option. It really is a nice little machine, and it was very hard to part with it at the end of the review period. It’s an easy machine to work with and Lenovo happens to also have excellent after-sales support just in case something actually does go wrong.

If you’re in the market for a unique small-form-factor PC, then give Lenovo’s Y710 Cube a once over, it’s a very good contender among the many different options that are available.

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Lenovo IdeaCenter Y710 Cube Review
Considering the price and the components, the Y710 Cube represents an excellent pre-made SFF PC and has the potential to be a very good companion. The cooler leaves a bit to be desired though temperatures do stay below thermal limits. It's attractive and speedy, plus the after-sales support make it a win.
Build Quality89%
What's Right
  • Attractive Chassis
  • Good Overall Performance
  • Decent Value
What's Wrong
  • Needs a Better Cooler
  • Needs Kaby Lake and Ryzen
83%Overall Score
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